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About zoomprop

Your trusted partner in the world of real estate investments

We are a team of technology professionals who are passionate about real estate investment. Our goal is to help you navigate the market and maximize its potential. With our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence, we provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and personalized support needed to make smart investment decisions. We bring our expertise and passion to help you succeed in real estate investment.
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Our story

We understand that real estate investing, whether you are a novice or an experienced professional is a substantial transaction with significant potential.

When our founder embarked on his real estate investing journey, he encountered the frustrating reality of limited access to knowledge and data, often guarded behind closed doors. Drawing upon his successful technology background, he resolved to build an algorithm that would simplify investment decisions. After completing the first version, he simply examined the most promising upwards trending locations, eventually making a leap of faith by moving his family from the bustling streets of Manhattan to a charming town in Tennessee that had previously eluded his radar. In just two short years, his expertise and the algorithm's guidance proved their mettle, propelling his profits to an astounding 250% increase. Today, that very Tennessee town stands as a top-rated investment destination in the United States. The evolution of this pioneering technology, now known as Zoomprop, has been nothing short of extraordinary. Inspired by these transformative results, our founder has continued to seize additional real estate investment opportunities across the United States, harnessing the immense power of Zoomprop. Join us on this remarkable journey as we empower investors like you with invaluable insights and groundbreaking technology. Together, let's unlock the potential of the real estate market and embark on a path to financial success.

Our Mission

"Our primary mission is to empower you to maximize the value of your real estate investments through our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our esteemed customers."

At the core of our beliefs, we understand that our own achievements are intricately tied to the triumphs and contentment of our cherished customers. By making the delivery of exceptional value our utmost priority, we not only forge enduring connections but also instill a sense of trust and assurance in our services. We empathize with the complexities and hurdles that come with the real estate market, and our unwavering commitment to providing value ensures that our customers receive the guidance, support, and solutions they require to navigate this terrain effortlessly and realize their investment aspirations. Each interaction, every service, and every decision we undertake is rooted in our commitment to enriching the lives of our customers, for it is their triumphs and contentment that truly measure our own accomplishments.


We leverage a vast database of more than 140 million properties, each with a comprehensive 10-plus-year history, to gain valuable insights and assess prevailing market trends.


Every day, we dynamically analyze over 14 million properties, allowing us to create dynamic comparisons for all newly listed homes on the market.


Our ever-expanding data repository now boasts an astounding 6TB of valuable information, with no signs of slowing down its growth.

Property discovery has never been easier.

Improve your financial performance

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