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“Honestly, a game changer. Nothing else quite like it on the market to find investment properties this quickly.”

Kerry Houde - Remote Investor

Investment Companies

Find profitable investment properties faster. Be certain that you have all eyes on the market to ensure no deals are slipping through the cracks.

Individual Investors

Whether you're into STRs, flips, or BRRRR we empower you to pick, clock, and own, diversifying your portfolio and investing in your future.

Home Buyers

Home may be where the heart is, but it’s also an important investment vehicle. Find a house that meets your lifestyle today and your goals tomorrow.

We help investors fill deals
fast and efficiently.

Today, real estate investment is all about who has the data. And who knows how to use it. The days of having to travel to a region to find investment properties are over. With Zoomprop you can search anywhere in the United States and easily find your core four while doing so.

  • Entire US inventory
  • Real time property reports
  • Find Partners
  • Price history and forecasting

Your partner in
real estate investing

REI Made Easy: Purchasing investment properties is a big and crucial decision. The toughest part in the property purchase process is knowing whether to buy or not at any given property.

ZoomProp provides deep insights

We measure the quality of the entire investment market, ranging from the current hot property type, market trends to user reviews and transaction history.

Powered by intelligent algorithm and machine learning technology.

ZoomProp’s predictive analytics makes thousands of investment properties visually appealing and searchable for investors.

What our customers
are saying.

It's why we do what we do. Thanks for being a part of it.

We closed our first investment property using ZoomProp. We couldn't have done it without you guys! I've been a real estate investor for 10+ years and have used many online services for this purpose. By far the best I've seen! We love it and would highly recommend it to others.

George Martin

Mccoy PLC


Properties analyzed on a daily basis.

Homes added to the market today.

Sold properties today.

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Per user

  • View properties across US
  • Visible after a week on the market
  • Connect with partners
  • Daily updates
  • Instant property reports ($14.99)





Per user

  • View properties across US
  • Visible same day on the market
  • Connect with partners
  • Daily updates
  • Instant property reports ($8.99)

Do you provide properties to rent?

Surprisingly we get asked this quite a bit. We currently do not provide any rental properties at this time.

How often are the deals updated?

Daily. Something were very proud of is our ability to analyze the entire US market on a daily basis. We analyze on average about 15 million properties give or take in a 24 hour period.

Can I still get a property report if im not a member?

At this time we request that you become a member to do so. Don't worry, becoming a member is free. If you absolutely need a property report and don't want to become a member reach out to customer support and we could possibly work something out.

How do I become a core 4 partner?

Becoming a partner is easy. We provide several options to represent yourself or your brand so investors can reach out directly to work with you! Please check out our partners page to learn more.